Hiking Table Mountain (Kenya)

Opting out of attending church on my last weekend in Rongai, one of the local volunteers, Angel Lela, roped me into a Sunday hike organised by African Outdoor Safaris. The day cost $35USD including transport from Nairobi, professional armed guides, drinking water and all professional photos from the day. They organise a different hike every weekend and I would highly recommend the company to anybody looking for a different kind of adventure around Kenya, other than a safari. 

We woke at 5:30am to catch a matatu into Nairobi and meet up with the rest of the group, then drove 2-hours from the city, winding around the magnificent views of the Great Rift Valley to arrive at the base of the mountains. Apparently we were hiking Kenya's version of Table Mountain, but every time I told a local about it, they say they've never heard of the place. I promise you I did not climb imaginary mountains for 6 gruelling hours... the evidence is in the series below (credit to Willie for majority of the photos)!

A few days prior, Lela had styled some magnificently amusing cornrows for me, which make a grand appearance in the series and left my scalp painfully sunburnt for days! The day ended with a dip in some local hot springs, which I kindly welcomed as my first bath/shower in 5 days after my homestay's running water had been on the fritz. The hike itself was hard work, yet highly rewarding, and the views from the top were just out-of-this-world indescribable, and hence 'a picture is worth a thousand words' seems completely relevant here. I must say I have been totally converted and will be sussing out some good hiking locations as soon as I get home!