How to record your travels

I have always been partial to taking photographs. So naturally, when it came to planning overseas trips I set out to purchase the best SLR Camera I could find for my budget at the time. In 2013 I bought a Canon 60D and opted for a Tamron 18-270mm lens as an all rounder, rather than constantly switching out lenses. I know SLR's aren't for everyone, especially when it comes to travel - they are bulky, terrifyingly valuable to lose and changing lenses is a bitch! Not to mention, every man and his dog now believes they are an amateur photographer... It can all be quite daunting.

Recently, videography has re-entered the scene as another popular way to record your travels, with your go-pros and your time lapses etc. So during my trip to the US I set out to dabble in videography and see what all the fuss was about! The thing about videos is they add another element to your travel records, something that can't quite be gained off every photograph, especially if you don't know what you're doing and feel as though your photos just aren't quite hitting the mark. Videos can show a wide spectrum of what you've seen in a short time, and sounds and the excitement of flashing lights or vast-changing scenes adds even more ambience to what you are trying to share with the world.

How has my video experience been so far? Well, I captured a pretty wicked timelapse with my iPhone 6 from the window of my connecting flight from Melbourne to Sydney which highlighted the beautiful scenery of New South Wales, if I may say so myself. (Check it out here:

However that is as far as my video endeavours have taken me, as I have had nothing but trouble with my Toshiba-GoPro-knockoff. When I first whipped it out to use it, it had not held the charge from a week ago (without use); the second time I attempted it, the micro SD card I had slotted into the camera was corrupt and I wasn't carrying a spare on me; then the third time, after finally purchasing a selfie-stick with the correct attachment I got to the Disneyland entrance only to be told that selfie sticks were prohibited in the park!

To be honest, I am slightly defeated and have been turned off using the damned thing, however I am only 2 days into this trip and am still determined to give it a go!

I must say, even if I create some sort of semi-decent video I think I will always prefer photography. It seems more challenging to me, getting that perfect still! And that sort of says it all for me, 'still'... I really do enjoy the stillness involved in the process of photos.

That being said, I don't know how tourists accomplish this constant juggle between cameras - I am seriously overwhelmed enough having the SLR slung back over my shoulder, after what feels like a century since my last trip. Often I find myself thinking, I have my iPhone, it'll just be easier to take this shot now than to heave the big camera back out... But the shot is always much more worth it with the Canon for me! And now I'm crazy enough to add a GoPro into the mix too with its extensive attachments - selfie stick, waterproof/shockproof case, head strap, mount... And the list goes on! 

So, with a fresh SD card inserted, armed with a new selfie stick and a charged battery I am ready to take on the world of videography tomorrow... Wherever the day may take me!! God's give me strength... Watch this space!